Next Playtest

The next playtest will start in about 2 weeks. I will announce it a few days earlier, so make sure you don't miss it!

I will also send a newsletter this time for non Facebook people.
You can sign up on the start page.

I'll try to integrate as much new graphics as I can to fill up the world a bit more, making everything look a bit more post apocalypse. Have a look at the new gear ... isn't it a beauty?

Thank you for supporting Immune. :)

Immune Drift

Thanks to all the players participating in yesterday's successful playtest!

I got a few new tasks on my list now:
- Improve car steering
- Improve feedback if you hit the tree or if you miss
- Make fences/doors cheaper
- Text messages for several actions
- Better tutorial for new players (!!!)

Here, have a GIF as thank you ;)

Alpha Playtest #4

Just 1.5 hours till the 4th playtest of Immune! And we weren't lazy these last days:
There is a new airport on the map now!
New vests to armor yourself.
Enemies are able to wear shoes, vests and hats, too. ;)
... and so much more.

Join the playtest here!

Bullet Trails & Weapon Durability

Immune got some nice bullet trails today and I finally finished the old feature, that all weapons are able to break if you use them. There's an effect for that now plus you will get a few resources back from the broken weapon.

I am very curious how you'll react to that feature in the next playtest on Oktober 26. :)

Tell us what you think about this in the forums!

New Rank/Level System for Immune

Today I started working on a rank system for Immune.

You get experience (XP) points for crafting, building or killing which define your rank in the game. If you die you lose a few percent of your XP. Maybe I'll add some perks for higher ranks, too, but I am not sure, yet.

After you reached the first rank, you will be able to see it as a colored roman numeral next to your name (see picture).

Discuss Immune's new rank system in the forums!

Alpha Test Coming Up!

The last days were filled with endless hours of implementing new things and improving existing features. But now it's coming to an end because the alpha test is coming tomorrow at 8 pm CEST / UTC+2.

For everyone who still doesn't know what I am talking about: Here is the Facebook event you need to join to participate.

The register form and the download link will be sent to everyone a few hours in advance to the test.

See you ingame! :)
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