• Craft & Build your own structures, weapons, items or forts or occupy existing houses.
  • Plant, Grow and Harvest your own food to keep your belly full and your energy up.
  • Open Sandbox World - Discover the apocalyptic wastelands and scavenge food, materials and weapons.
  • Drive Vehicles - Get your buddies in the backseats and travel safe and fast from A to B with military vehicles.
  • Tame Wild Animals with food and they will become your feral bodyguards.
  • Full PVP/PVE - Raid forts or houses from other players or NPC cities alone or together with your party. Hunt wildlife to keep you and your loved ones fed.

In Immune it's your main target to survive. Scavenge, hunt or even grow your own food to stay alive. Build a secure place to make it through the nights or raids by other players. The game is heavily inspired by our favourite games DayZ, Rust and STALKER.

Survival at its best around your self built campfire in Immune.

Immune is a survival mmorpg developed by vidiludi games. The game takes place in a apocalyptic world after the outbreak of a devastating pandemic which left two opposing groups: the immune player-controlled people and the violent, gasmask wearing NPCs who avoid the virus by shooting everyone sick or immune in the face.

Hunt down prey with your hand crafted hatchet in Immune.

Survive the wastelands by collecting resources, crafting basic weapons and ammunition to hunt prey or raiding the NPC factions. Keep in mind that some of your prey won't die without a fight. Gather guns, ammo, food and water as much as you can to make it to the next day.

Build and craft your own fort online with others in Immune.

Craft and build your own fort or occupy existing houses by placing doors in empty doorframes. Defend yourself from reckless players, AI controlled maniacs or crazy mutants.

Immune is a survival MMORPG with PVE and PVP combat.

Drive cars and vehicles to move your party or yourself through death zones quickly and safely. Travel through abandoned airports, radiation zones and enemy territories on the search for your next meal.